● We are doing design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and advise of technical management as supporters of the freeze-drying.
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We are designing and manufacturing freeze-drying equipment and its associated equipment.
We could answer to many request at a FD manufacturing site because with our networks with Food, Vacuum, and Refrigeration industry. We will provide save energy equipment with environment-friendly.

What is Freeze drying (lyophilized) ?
Water will boil at 100℃ on the ground, but top of the Mt.Fuji will boil below 90℃ because of low pressure. Water in the pressure cooker will be not boil even over then 100℃. So boiling temperature is changing by pressure. Water at the summit of the Everest will boil at 70℃. Even higher, air becomes thinner, when it comes to the state called vacuum, boiling temperature will be below 0 C° and ice will be changing to steam directory, such world called sublimation・・It be the entrance into the freeze-drying.
(Actual pressure at ice sublimation is below 611.7Pa that called "triple point".)

The boiling temperature of water
over100℃100℃ ≒88℃ ≒70℃ -30〜-50℃

In the pressure cooker

 on the ground

The top of Mt.Fuji

The summit of Everest


The secret of freeze-dried food
When foods are frozen, moisture in it will separated to other liquid and solids. Such moisture will be ice crystals of pure water. And then only moisture will be disappearing from the original food under condition by sublime. In that way, dry foods will appear with keeping food value and flavor. Traces of disappeared ice crystal makes holes(porous).
When such holes get hot water・・・・・FD foods world that Japan boasts in the world is born.

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We are supporters to the freeze-drying that can many advices for FD foods processing. Please feel free to contact us anytime.